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World's first community to
bring together customer-centric
folks in B2B SaaS

An exclusive community for cross-functional teams and B2B SaaS champions to connect, learn and share the best practices for driving customer-centricity at the org level throughout the customer lifecycle 

Why Should You be a Part of CCC? 

Exclusive Events

Get inivted for events that are exclusive to the community members.

Peer Support

Get to know other B2B SaaS leaders to create a strong network and get quick answers to your questions when you encounter difficulties when onboarding new customers.

High-Quality Resources

Get access to high-quality resources, including relevant blogs, podcasts, and webinars with industry leaders.


Get 1-1 consultation with mentors, ask questions, exchange ideas, pick up best practices, and advance your career!

Job Opportunities

Get the latest job opportunities posted by other B2B SaaS leaders and level up your professional career.

Partner with Us

We have created this community for all the folks who are looking to adopt customer-centric approach at an org level.

So if you think your business can be a value addition to this community, feel free to reach out & we can work out a collaboration together.


Customer centricity club was born after closely examining the loopholes in the customer onboarding and implementation processes in the B2B world. We are set on a mission to help B2B SaaS leaders achieve customer-centricity at an organizational level with relevant research, strategies, and quality resources.

The customer-centricity club will help B2B SaaS champions to collaborate and offer support through Slack channels. This club is exclusively for B2B SaaS leaders, founders, onboarding specialists, customer success managers, implementation leads, and job seekers. Where you can contribute as a writer, speaker, or advocate and gain recognition from your peers by using this club's space to develop your brand.


And as

Helen Keller says,
‍"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."


Join us, and let's grow together!

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